brings together merchants and shoppers with mutual desires and IDeals

We’re building the largest network of group-linked places and commerce opportunities. Starting with our Student IDeals app, we connect users to businesses catering to their lifestage and lifestyle.

Fundamentally, Groupify.Me is re-imagining how to shape the purchase intent of and market to Millennials. We are a marketing service curated around the daily lives and unique characteristics of millennials. We do this by segmenting, or Groupifying™, the market to demonstrate that we know what the group actually cares about in their day-to-day lives. Our goal is to be the bridge that sustainably connects Millennials to great opportunities and the nearby merchants that will enhance those opportunities.


We continue to have lots of help along the way too. A special thanks to Cyquent, Amiya, Isaac, Talon, Alex, Sam, Chris, and everyone else who has helped.

Advisory Board